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We are proud to offer a diverse and thriving selection of plants to customers all around the world. As plant enthusiasts and professional horticulturists, our mission is to provide the highest quality plants and best possible service to our global clientele.

Ahead Nursery was born out of love for everything green. Our founder, Chan Shu, a passionate plant enthusiast, started by supplying local plant lovers with carefully curated plants in [Location]. As the business grew, fueled by a shared passion for plants within our community, we decided to expand our services and cater to plant lovers worldwide.

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I am extremely happy with the purchase. The plant was healthy and arrived quickly. I was also very pleased with the customer service. They were very helpful and made sure that I was satisfied with the purchase. I would highly recommend Ahead Nursery to anyone looking for a great Caudex plant purchase experience.

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At Ahead Nursery, our mission is to revolutionize the way people interact with Plants. We are dedicated to creating a digital platform that not only houses valuable information but also makes it easily accessible and understandable for users around the globe.

We believe that knowledge should be more than just static words on a page – it should be a living, breathing entity that evolves and grows with its users. That’s why we are constantly working to develop innovative features that empower our community to contribute, collaborate, and shape the wealth of information available on our website.

Through cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface, Ahead Caudex aims to become the go-to hub for all your learning and research needs. Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to build a brighter future, fueled by the power of collective intelligence.

Extraordinary Experiences

With experience dating back to 1987, Tobias W. Spanner is a renowned palm expert, leading member of the International Palm Society and has discovered and described several new palm species.

This philosophy drives our commitment to offering an extensive selection of plants tailored for every taste and environment. From indoor greenery with lush tropical vibes to hardy outdoor species that thrive in various climates, we have it all.

Our Core Values

At Ahead Nursery you can choose from the most spectacular selection of rare Caudex Plants in the world 

Ahead Nursery

Quality Assurance and Care

At Ahead Nursery, we take the utmost care in sourcing, nurturing, and preparing our plants for their journey across the world. Our team of dedicated specialists ensures that each plant meets rigorous quality standards before it ships out to its new owner.

We pride ourselves on providing detailed care instructions alongside each purchase, ensuring that your new green companion gets the best possible start in its new home.


To ensure that our plants enjoy a safe passage from our nursery to your doorstep, we’ve developed secure packaging techniques designed with their specific needs in mind. Biodegradable materials protect delicate foliage during transit, while ventilated boxes ensure a healthy airflow for your newest family member.

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We Provide You With Everything 


At Aheadnursery.com you can choose from the most spectacular selection of Caudex seeds. Wholesale and retail quantities in packet sizes from two to 100,000 seeds are delivered worldwide. 


We have seedlings Available in Wholesale Quantities. Shop a Wide Variety of Caudex Seedlings & Enjoy Fast, Reliable Delivery – Order Now!



With 40+ species always in stock and Many more seasonally available

Ahead Nursery Offer you a great selectiom of caudex plants  of different sizes 

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Thank you for your great service and seeds. All my seeds have arrived safely and are amazing. Thank you

John Doe

Thanks for the high quality seeds and great packaging on my last order

Jenna Smith

Excellent plants  last time. Looking forward to the same quality

Samuel Stevens
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